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A La Carte

Appetizer and soup selection

Royal Foie Gras with Botan Ebi – 870
Steamed foie gras, glaze Botan  Ebi and sliced truffle

“Two ways of a Langoustine” – 1080
Imported Langoustine duo ceviche and smoked tartar caviar

Pear and Truffle salad – 680
Fresh pear confit with lemon oil, sliced black truffle and baby spinach

Truffle Foie gras Terrine – 680
Homemade truffle foie gras terrine, pistachio crumble and ice cream

Truffle Cream and Truffle pop corn – 590
Urbani truffle cream with dried porcini juice, truffle pop corn

Smoked duck consommeè – 850
Clear duck soup with summer black truffle scent

Pasta and risotto selection

Scallop Risotto – 980
Carnaroli Risotto Squid ink sauce, pan seared Hokkaido scallop and lemon foam

Lobster Risotto – 1400
Carnaroli Risotto with Grilled Canadian lobster and crustaceans bisque

Agnolotti al Tartufo – 890
Homemade Agnolotti of wagyu truffle ragout, truffle béarnaise sauce

Tagliatellle Cabonara – 890
Homemade tagliatelle Cabonara, sous vide egg yolk and truffle slices

Seafood selection

Lobster Truffle Brandy – 1400
Canadian lobster and green asparagus, crusted truffle herbs, brandy flambeé

Halibut chermoula – 890
Halitbut fillet marinated with chermoula sous vide, served with lemon foam

Pan Roasted sea bass – 890
Italian sea bass fillet, roasted pumpkin, chorizo, tomato confit and ginger

Smoked truffle Chutoro – 980
Smoked Chutoro, truffle Shoyu, cooked rice Ikura and truffle topping

Main selection

“Hida Gyu” confit – 1900
Hida gyu beef slowly cooked porcini and truffle pureé, eggplant and tomato confit

Tournedos Rossini – 1350
Grain fed Australian beef tenderloin with Foie gras, potato and hieroom tomatoes, truffle sauce

Slow cooked lamb tenderloin – 980
65 degree sous vide lamb tenderloin, fresh herbs, micro green and truffle relish

Dessert selection

Mango and Truffle – 420
Mango cream cheese, butter crumble, truffle stick and mango sorbe

“Mille Feuille” – 360
Basil pastry cream, Rhubarb, baked filo, strawberry jelly and straw ice cream

White truffle tiramisu – 420
Tiramisu cream with white truffle scent, savoiardi crumble with liquid Nitrogen

Chocolate Fondant – 360
Warm chocolate fondant, praline, coffee mousse

*All prices are in Thai Baht and subject to 10% service charge, 7% government tax*

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