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Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant is a unique concept offering the delights of the prestigious Italian truffle combined with the simple excellence of Italian food cooked by our great Italian Chef.
Offering with a sit-down meal, looking for something exquisite, or with delicious cocktails with fresh truffle, served in an enveloping atmosphere at 140 meters tall rooftop of the building Sathorn square on the heart of Bangkok – Thailand.
Since 1852 Urbani has always been dedicated to the world of truffles, and thanks to the work of great men and women it has become a global point of reference and world leader in this sector.

Urbani truffles, sell truffles with health certificate and of Italian origin, the importation into Thailand requires the obligation of this certificate that in the absence of this, the customs does not let the truffles enter.
Urbani truffle in Thailand have certificates.
If you buy from other importer request this certificate to be sure where the truffle came from.



We provide a classic and cozy fine dining experience. Choose from a comfortable coach seat or a seat by the window enjoying a direct view of the bustling heart of Bangkok.

Crafting your culinary journey you can discover the dynamic Italian fine dining experience and other European specialties. We will assist you in making your special event memorable, with seasonal dishes tailored to the needs of your group.


Our Truffle Bar has a warm ambiance and elegant design with seating capacity up to 30 people. Enjoy the experience from the first drink to the last bite of the best truffle in the world. Accompanying your food is not an easy task, you can pick a bottle of your favorite wine from our 250 labels selection! The menus reflect the Truffle philosophy of quality, seasonality, and simplicity. The Truffle creation dishes change continuously according to the season and the fresh ingredients, it is constantly evolving with the Chefs inspirations. A selection of Oysters, caviar, and raw seafood is also available at our Bar and you can select directly with the Chef your favorite combinations.


VIP’s private room is always remarkable efficient and unique. Virtually every dish is made from our kitchen from the freshest ingredients. We can personalize your meal with a bit of time notice because the preparation for a special guest often starts well ahead of their arrival.

Larger groups upon prior request may be seated in VIP private room where they can enjoy intimacy while ordering off the menu or from a special menu. The VIP room aims to make your dining experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Truffle Products

In recent years the Urbani brand has broadened its rich offering with new products that are picked fresh from the understory to reach the table with unmistakable quality and taste, thanks to the initial careful selection of the product and very modern methods of packaging and preserving.

Today Urbani offers a wide choice of dried and frozen mushrooms (porcini, spugnole, galletti and trombette mushrooms and others) and berries (blackberries, raspberries, red currant and black currant)



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We are excited to welcome Zonin Winery & IWS ( Independent Wine & Spirit Thailand) for an exclusive wine tasting on December 14th at Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant start from 5.30pm-8.00pm. you can enjoy their beautiful wines from Zonin Winery and canapés prepared by the executive chef price only 790.-THB net/person