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Set Lunch Menu
690 Baht*

Vegetarian Menu
3.900 Baht++*

Five course Menu
3.900 Baht++*

Seven course Menu
5.500 Baht++*

Appetizer and soup selection

Royal Foie Gras with Botan Ebi – 870
Steamed foie gras, glaze Botan  Ebi and sliced truffle

“Two ways of a Langoustine” – 1080
Imported Langoustine duo ceviche and smoked tartar caviar

Pear and Truffle salad – 680
Fresh pear confit with lemon oil, sliced black truffle and baby spinach

Truffle Foie gras Terrine – 680
Homemade truffle foie gras terrine, pistachio crumble and ice cream

Truffle Cream and Truffle pop corn – 590
Urbani truffle cream with dried porcini juice, truffle pop corn

Smoked duck consommeè – 850
Clear duck soup with summer black truffle scent

Pasta and risotto selection

Scallop Risotto – 980
Carnaroli Risotto Squid ink sauce, pan seared Hokkaido scallop and lemon foam

Lobster Risotto – 1400
Carnaroli Risotto with Grilled Canadian lobster and crustaceans bisque

Agnolotti al Tartufo – 890
Homemade Agnolotti of wagyu truffle ragout, truffle béarnaise sauce

Tagliatellle Cabonara – 890
Homemade tagliatelle Cabonara, sous vide egg yolk and truffle slices

Seafood selection

Lobster Truffle Brandy – 1400
Canadian lobster and green asparagus, crusted truffle herbs, brandy flambeé

Halibut chermoula – 890
Halitbut fillet marinated with chermoula sous vide, served with lemon foam

Pan Roasted sea bass – 890
Italian sea bass fillet, roasted pumpkin, chorizo, tomato confit and ginger

Smoked truffle Chutoro – 980
Smoked Chutoro, truffle Shoyu, cooked rice Ikura and truffle topping

Main selection

“Hida Gyu” confit – 1900
Hida gyu beef slowly cooked porcini and truffle pureé, eggplant and tomato confit

Tournedos Rossini – 1350
Grain fed Australian beef tenderloin with Foie gras, potato and hieroom tomatoes, truffle sauce

Slow cooked lamb tenderloin – 980
65 degree sous vide lamb tenderloin, fresh herbs, micro green and truffle relish

Dessert selection

Mango and Truffle – 420
Mango cream cheese, butter crumble, truffle stick and mango sorbe

“Mille Feuille” – 360
Basil pastry cream, Rhubarb, baked filo, strawberry jelly and straw ice cream

White truffle tiramisu – 420
Tiramisu cream with white truffle scent, savoiardi crumble with liquid Nitrogen

Chocolate Fondant – 360
Warm chocolate fondant, praline, coffee mousse

*All prices are in Thai Baht and subject to 10% service charge, 7% government tax*

First Course

Crema di Mais con Gamberoni
(Fresh corn bisque, garnish with shrimps)
Insalata di Rucola con Salsiccia e Parmigiano
(Italian sausage salad, with rocket and oven dried tomato, balsamic vinaigrette)

Second Course

Fettuccine “Alfredo”
(Double butter cream, Parmesan cheese)
Farfalle con Fave e Granchio
(Farfalle pasta, with fava beans and crab, lemon sauce)
Filetto di Maiale Ripieno con Spinaci e Pancetta
(Slow cooked pork loin, filled with spinach and pancetta, demi mustard)

Third Course

(Traditional Italian dessert with truffle flavor)
Spuma di Due Cioccolati
(White and dark chocolate mousse, with passion fruit)

*All prices are in Thai Baht and includes 10% service charge and 7% government tax*

Chef’s Amuse Bouche and a glass of Prosecco


First course

Insalata di Pere

(Pear Salad)


Second course

Insalata Caprese al Tartufo

(Caprese truffle salad)

Third course

Pennette ai Vegetali Misti

(Pennette pasta with mix of vegetables)

Fourth course

Risotto al Tartufo Nero

(Risotto black truffle)

Fifth course

Sorbetto di Fragole

(Strawberry sorbet)

*All prices are in Thai Baht and subject to 10% service charge, 7% government tax*

Chef’s Amuse Bouche and a Glass of Prosecco

First Course selection

Beef & truffle tartare
(Australian beef tenderloin, truffle mustard, shallot, garlic, parsley, caper, egg, truffle sliced)


Fig & Foie Gras Salad
(Fresh fig, pan seared foie gras, brandy honey, beet root, crispy risotto, lettuce)


Second Course

Truffle Soup
(Urbani truffle paste, dried porcini, dried shitake, potato, puff pastry, truffle sliced)


Alaska king crab cold soup
(Marinated Alaska king crab, tomato, cucumber, shallot, basil)


Third Course 

Spaghetti vongole bottarga
(Home made pasta, Vongole, Bottarga, garlic, chili, parsley)


Risotto porcini beef cheek
(Carnaroli risotto, Black angus beef cheek, porcini, Parmigiano Reggiano, black truffle, red wine reduction)


Fourth Course

Sea bass baked salt
(Spanish sea bass, marinated salt, butternut pumpkin puree, caponata rolled, marinated tomato)


Tournedos Rossini
(Australian beef tenderloin, pistachio espuma, porcini, black truffle sliced, foie gras, beef juice)


Fifth Course

Semifreddo Al Tartufo Bianco
(Traditional Italian dessert with White Truffle Flavor)


Coconut platter
(Coconut panna cotta, coco nut ice cream, coconut jelly, coconut crumble, coconut sauce)

*All prices are in Thai Baht and subject to 10% service charge, 7% government tax*

Chef’s Amuse Bouche and a Glass of Prosecco

(Choose one dish from each selection)

First Course selection

Royal Foie Gras with Botan Ebi
(Steamed foie gras, glazed Botan Ebi and sliced truffle)
Two ways of a Langoustine
(Imported Langoustine duo, ceviche and smoked tartare)

Second Course selection

Truffle Cream and Truffle Popcorn
(Urbani truffle cream with dried porcini jus, truffle popcorn)
Smoked Duck Consommé
(Clear duck soup with summer black truffle scent)

Third Course selection

Scallop Risotto
(Carnaroli Risotto squid ink sauce, Pan seared Hokkaido scallop and lemon foam)
Lobster Risotto
(Carnaroli Risotto with Grilled Canadian lobster and crustacean’s bisque)

Fourth Course selection

Agnolotti al Tartufo
(Homemade Agnolotti of wagyu truffled ragout, truffle béarnaise sauce)
Smoked truffle Chutoro
(Smoked Chutoro, truffle Shoyu, cooked rice, Ikura and truffle topping)

Fifth Course selection

Lobster Truffle Brandy
(Canadian lobster and green asparagus, crusted truffled herb, brandy flambee)
Halibut Chermoula
(Fillet Halibut marinated with chermoula sous vide, served with lemon foam)

Sixth Course selection

‘’Hida Gyu’’ confit
(Hida Gyu beef slowly cooked, porcini and truffle puree, eggplant and tomato confit)
Tournedos Rossini
(Grain fed Australian beef tenderloin with Foie gras, potato and heirloom tomatoes, truffle sauce)

Seventh Course selection

Mango and Truffle
(Mango mouse puree and cream cheese truffle)
(Basil, Rhubarb, truffle and almond cream)

*All prices are in Thai Baht and subject to 10% service charge, 7% government tax*



Chardonnay, Santa Carolina, Chile….360

Gewurztraminer, Alto Adige DOC, Italy….360

Costa Di Giulia, Toscana Italy….350

Sauvignon Blanc, Yalumba, Australia….330


Chianti, Barone Ricasoli….380

Chateau Lalene Cuvee Prestige Bordeaux Superieur….370

Cabernet Sauvignon, Yalumba, Australia….330

Pinot Noir, Stone Bay, New Zealand….330

Sweet, Prosecco, Rose

Gewurztraminer, Robertson Winery, South Africa….360

Prosecco, Italy….310

Antares Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile….290

Italian of the Month

Fiano Trentenare Paestum, San Salvatore, Italy….360

Rosso Colli di Parma DOC Barbera, Italy….360



CH4_Cristal Louis Roederer, 2009….14,900

CH3_Dom Perignon….14,900

CH2_Veuve Clicquot Brut….4,700

CH1_Moet & Chandon, Imperial Brut….4,500

CH5_Piper Heidsieck, Cuvee Brut….4,390


S4_Cuvee Prestige Franciacorta Brut, Italy….3,600

S7_Prosecco, IL Grigio Spumante Brut, Italy….1,750

S6_Prosecco, Rivani Spumante, Italy….1,690

S3_Prosecco Collavini DOC, Italy….1,590

S2_Prosecco Riondo, Italy….1,560

Rose Wine

P2_Tavel La Comballe, Cote Du Rhone, France, 2012….4,200

P4_Bolla Bardolino Chiaretto, Italy….1,770

P3_Cabernet Sauvignon, Antares, Chile….1,350

Sweet Wine

W48_Chateau Doisey Vedrines Sauternes Grand Cru Classe, 1993….7,500

W37_Muscat, L’Ecru Firriato, Passito, 2014….3,450

W50_Chateau Jany, Sauternes, 2015….2,750

W49_Chateau Le Thibaut, Monbazillac, 3.75c1, 2014….2,350

W38_Moscato D’Asti, Prunotto DOCG….1,900

W72_Gewurztraminer, Robertson Winery, South Africa….1,750

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